About Paul

Paul Deveaux - San Jose, CA  food and people photographer

My name is Paul and I am a vegetarian. Mostly because I have a severely irrational fear of cancer. This does however make eating out a bit of an adventure. You’d be amazed at what some chefs can come up with when you limit their palettes.  And no, I don’t eat a lot of tofu.

My grandfather owned a bicycle shop in the Bahamas. Cycling has always been a family past time. I raced BMX bikes as a kid and started running cross-country in grade school. In college I was the last guy on the Varsity Cross Country squad (they were the number 5 team in the nation that year) - I quit the next season. At my first triathlon I borrowed my roommate's mountain bike, was scared to death swimming in open water, and was passed by way too many people. In my last triathlon I came in fifth in my age group after pulling a hamstring earlier in the week (hey, those entry fees ain’t cheap and  they are non-refundable!).

I have since started running in races again. There is something about the weekend warrior that gets me going. Putting in 40+ hours at a day job and making the time to train and race on the weekends, early mornings, and late nights, is admirable. I love trying to capture that work ethic at play.

When I am not out making photographs I love spending time with my wife and son. Oftentimes accompanied by a good bottle of fermented grapes or a great, distilled grain (Rye is my current favorite).


email me:  paul@deveauxphoto.com

call me: 760.458.0215